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Pre-Sleep Auto-Suggestion For Self Mastery

You may be familiar with the autosuggestion, “Every Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.”  Emile Coue’ the “Prophet of Autosuggestion” was a French psychologist and pharmacist who lived from 1859-1926.  Coue’ believed that we each have the solution to our problem and that we all have in ourselves the instrument of our own cure.  He believed that autosuggestions allow people to help themselves get better and that these practices help build self-esteem and improve self-image.  Coue’ says, “One must not be a slave, but the master of one’s subconscious mind.  Self-mastery can be obtained by following these simple steps:

Pre-Sleep Technique

When you go to bed just before you are ready to fall asleep give yourself the following suggestion 10 times:

 “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better”

While you are saying the suggestion, think, feel and imagine yourself in any way you can getting better and better with whatever your goal is.  Remain serious about your goal and believe it will happen.

In order not to fall asleep and not to lose count every time you say the suggestion press down with each finger on your right hand.  Then, continue with each finger of your left hand until you’ve completed the suggestion 10 consecutive times.  Should you become awakened during this you must start over until you’ve finished 10 consecutive counts.

This may be your first attempt at learning to effectively program yourself through suggestion.  It is of the utmost importance to do this exercise every night without falling asleep and with interruption until you’ve completed the 10 repetitions.

You are beginning to establish a habit pattern of properly programming yourself by giving yourself positive suggestions before falling asleep.  The next day, you’ll find yourself reacting very positively to that suggestion.